A: Thermal printing is a digital printing process which produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermo-chromic paper, or thermal paper as it is commonly known, when the paper passes over the thermal print head.

A: A roll of thermal paper is placed in a container provided in the machine, with the end of the roll fed into a slot. As the sheet reacts to the heat of the printer head, the pigments on the heat-sensitive paper form the letters and images as transmitted through the thermal printer.

A: LED indicates the communication between printer and your device. When printer turns ON, the “Comm LED” starts blinking, which indicates that Bluetooth is ON. Once the connection gets established between printer and application, the LED stops blinking and becomes static.

A: No, thermal printer doesn\'t need ink as it works on the principle of printing by heating a thermal paper selectively.

A: Driver installation is only needed for making the Printer work with Windows Systems. Please refer to driver installation guide Link (Driver Page).

A: Restart the printer as well as the application.

A: 32 characters (2 inch printer) and 48 characters (3 inch printer).

A: Please refer to developers guide Link (developers guide page).

A: No, USB is used only for printing.

A: Thermal print paper.

A: 150 to 160 if size of printing is 10 mm.

A: 5 to 6 hours for charging. 6 to 8 hours for discharging if a print is fired every 5 seconds.

A: The charger that is shipped with printer is pin compatible with it and has a 9V DC output. Please do not use a charger of any other make with the Printer, as we cannot guarantee the current rating of that charger and the consequent damage it may cause to the printer.

A: 5 to 8 meters without obstacles.

A: JPEG and BMP format for image printing.

A: Open the flap of paper roll. Take out the old paper roll and replace it with the new one by providing thermal side of the paper along with printer head.

A: Feed button is used for line space in between the print and Mode button is used to print the configuration of the printer.

A: We offer factory level service. Please refer to the warranty document.

A: You need to ship the printer back to our premises (as per address provided). Please refer to the warranty document.

A: Contact the concerned person for the repairing of the printer in the company.